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The Packing Supplies Needed For A Move

Moving is a notoriously stressful business, but it really doesn’t have to be such a nightmare. Giving yourself enough time, organizing a plan, and staying on top of things help tremendously, as will hiring professional movers in Virginia Beach, VA, who have experience with the tricky aspects of moving. Read on for some pro tips that will help you survive your next big move.

Avoid the Rush

If you wait until the last minute to organize and pack, you pretty much guarantee that you’ll have a stressful experience. Professional movers recommend taking 8 to 12 weeks to prepare for your move. This gives you time to hire your movers, get organized, pack and label your belongings, clean things up, and take care of any last-minute disasters.

Get Rid of Excess

Rather than taking the time to pack, ship, unpack, and situate items that you don’t even want or use, get rid of them before the big move. This will save you space and energy. Use your big move as an excuse to do some major decluttering, and throw away, sell, or donate the things you don’t need.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Undertaking a potentially major life change while getting by on little sleep and eating random junk food just compounds your stress and frustration. During the moving process, make sure to get enough sleep, stay hydrated, eat healthy foods, and occasionally treat yourself with something to alleviate some of your stress.

Arrange to Do Things without Kids and Pets

While your children (both furry and human) are an important part of the moving process, having them underfoot while you pack or direct your movers can make everything exponentially more difficult. Both for their safety and your sanity, arrange to have the little ones spend the day elsewhere.

Pack and Label

Packing by room and clearly labeling all boxes will help you when you arrive at your new home and aid your movers as they unload. A little planning goes along way, and you’ll appreciate the efforts when it is time to unpack.