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Mover Checklist: How to Make One

If you are looking for a moving services company in Virginia Beach, VA, then you likely have a lot of things going on. There are so many tasks involved in a move, that most people end up making a checklist to ensure that they don’t miss anything. Whether you are making a physical or electronic list, what follows are some essential things to include.

Planning the Move

Depending on how far out from your move date you begin making your checklist, you can include items like getting quotes from moving companies, planning when to pack specific rooms, and determining what items you are and are not taking with you. When preparing for household moving in Virginia Beach, VA, you will also want to include finalizing moving dates and setting a budget on your checklist. Consider whether you will need time off from work, or a reminder to put in your two-week’s notice, and include it on your checklist. Your checklist also needs your supplies, so have spots for boxes, tape, and other essentials. Forwarding your mail, informing your insurance of your move, and listing people you want to visit before you move are also good ideas.

Preparing for Arrival

The next step on the checklist is preparing your arrival destination. Make sure that the lights are going to be on and the water is running when you arrive by including power and water companies on your checklist. Other modern essentials might include internet, TV, or a security system. If you have access already, measure your new home to make sure everything will fit through the doors and sit in the places you want them. If you have kids, check out the schools in the area and put your children’s identifying documents in an accessible place.

Moving Day

In you are a homeowner working with movers, or a business using commercial moving services in Virginia Beach, VA, you want your moving day to be as fast and efficient as possible. Hopefully, your checklist has helped you pack everything up by this point, but there are still errands you might need to run on or around this day. Include tasks like returning your old modem or cable box, returning library books or rented equipment, and cleaning the house or office building. The more specific places you list on your cleaning checklist, the less likely you are to forget any of them.

Settling In

If your move has taken you to a new state, include checklist spaces for changing your driver’s license, registering your vehicle, and registering to vote. Once you are officially out of your old address, you also need to update your address with all the banks, credit cards, subscriptions, and clubs that correspond with you. Include each company as a separate point so you are sure not to miss any. Hiring moving services in Virginia Beach, VA, will make your move go more smoothly, but they can’t update your billing address on your favorite internet store. Don’t forget to update your list as you complete tasks or think of new ones to add.